"Some girls' eyes light up when they see the "Little Blue Box" from Tiffany's, the same thing happens to me when I get a white goodies pastry box! Goodies is most definitely is one of the finest gems of Baroda.

Everything. I love all of the chocolate treats (like the chocolate eclairs, black forest pastries), but everything with sugar and butter is absolutely delectable. Their jam tarts are rich and beautiful. Their bread is used in restaurants all over the city. Their paninis and other savory choices are perfect. Goodies you are perfect! " 

— Manali Purohit


A friend of mine once took a picture of the sky and called it "The Baker", everyone who he showed it to kept looking for the baker. They found nothing but a cloud. That's what Goodies is to some people, four walls of a bakery, or a cafe or a caterer. To me, they are so much more. They have made a Stiletto shaped tier cake for a high strung cousing, a giant bone shaped dog biscuit for my cockerspaniel's birthday, a killer mutton biryani for a rainy monsoon evening, and the list goes on... I only have one thing to say if you're considering them, be it for a catering gig, a cake or even a regular meal, you owe it yourself to give them a shot. I'll let the food and the service speak for itself.

- Prateek Rungta


Goodies has been the 'cafe to be at' for barodians since quite many years now. Every barodian would vouch for its fabulous cakes and pies. To me goodies reminisces about my school days, the innumerable treats, the after school hangouts, birthday celebrations - goodies always was a part of those memorable moments! Where else would you find the most authentic dhanshak, the yummiest paneer shashlik, the fully-loaded crunchiest taco, the cute little pizzalets, those delicious tea biscuits, the visual delights of pastries and pies, and the mouth watering cakes. You can never manage to get enough of this place - been trying since 10 years, still haven't. Today as I write this, our friendly-barodian-cafe has expanded to the cities around tantalizing the taste buds of many. And when I hear how its become a rage in Ahmedabad, it just makes me shout out loud that 'look people this originated from my city'. Thank you goodies for managing to bring a smile on my face every time! Go out and make this world more tasty.

— Palak Sheth (entrepreneur)